Sydney, Australia Budget Travel Tips

Sydney, the cultural and political capital of Australia. Sydney is one of Australia’s best-known cities and serves as an icon for the country and continent of Australia. Australia is one of the more expensive destinations to get to but it doesn’t have to be expensive to travel in Australia. Sydney is often the jumping-off point on many backpackers’ tours of Australia. As it is also a major international hub many round the world – RTW – and gap year travelers find themselves in Sydney at the beginning and end of their journey.

One area of Sydney that might be considered central to backpacker culture is Kings-X (King’s cross). This area is a sort of seedy underbelly type place, but not in a threatening way, more of a cutified Australian way…you know, the way they say “mozzie” for mosquito and the like. Kings-X has many budget hostels Book Sydney, Australia with Hostelbookers and an active backpacker and traveler community. If you plan on spending a lot of time touring Australia, Kings-X has a backpacker car market with departing travelers selling their cars to arriving backpackers.

You can often find great deals on mini-vans complete with camping gear and cookware. The market takes place in an underground parking garage in the area.  These types of vehicles combine lodging and transportation and are a good investment for someone who plans on spending three months or more traveling in Australia.  Just remember, you should plan time at the end of your Australian adventure to sell the vehicle.

Sydney attractions

Sydney itself has many attractions worth seeing and many are free.  Firstly there are many wonderful parks and historical buildings which you can see and enjoy for free.  The astute visitor will glean much information about the history and culture of Sydney and Australia by simply taking the time to take it all in.  If you’re a budget traveler you really should forgo this one as it doesn’t come very well-reviewed – you’re not allowed to take your own pictures while on the tour but pictures are available for purchase should you decide to do it anyhow.  The circular quay (pronounced ‘key’) is a great place to go to people watch and catch one or several street performances encompassing everything from Australian aboriginal music and art to modern-day comedy, juggling and daring stunts.

For transportation

Sydney while you are there, buying a ‘green’ pass from city rail – will get you unlimited bus, train, and ferry transportation for a week at a very attractive rate compared with buying individual fares. Cheap food can be had back in Kings-X as there are many permanent and semi-permanent food stalls, most specializing in Asian cuisine that are both healthy and inexpensive.  These types of food stalls can be found throughout the rest of Sydney as well but not as highly concentrated.  Another, more authentic alternative is to go to one of the many fish and chips stands.  Relatively inexpensive and very filling and tasty.  Of course, if you are staying in a hostel or if you have purchased your fully outfitted mini-van the cheapest way to eat is to buy food at the grocery store or local market.

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